The devil attacks.

On November the 3, 2008, I was terminated from my job of over 2 years. I can only say that the Lord is in control and I am just going to sit here in the boat and enjoy the ride. I figured something was going to happen because when you are doing the Lord's will, the devil will have room to operate. That is okay, as long as I am in His will, then all will work for His good. I have been wanting to get away from the job for several months but the needs of my family have always came first. For now my wife is working and I have the possiblity of getting a job that will allow me more time to work on the site, for this I am pleased. It is through this time that I will learn to wait upon the Lord. As I know, He will bless this endevor.
Grace and Peace,
Your e-Sword Missionary,
Vaughn R. Jacobs
1 Cor. 15:58

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Re: The devil attacks.

Thank you for sharing your testimony, I'm sure it will help encourage others in their own times of trouble.

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