BeST 2 End user Testing to Begin

I just sent the current build of BeST 2 (now numbered to my most awsome tester.  He's focusing on making sure that I haven't broken anything in the new and improved database writing capabilities.

Here are the "Changes" that I've documented since the version was released:

020: Added the 'Check for Updates' button and functionality
021: Fixed a ToolTipping error where a bible reference followed by a full colon (e.g., Isa 4:13 : ) would be misinterpreted as a second bible reference
021: Improved the locking method with importing multiple files (including HTML Bibles) so that it is faster.
021: Fixed the "Import Text File Bible" code so that it can successfully import into a Pocket e-Sword bible.
021: Improved performance on importing a text Bible by writing to disk every chapter instead of every verse.
021: Fixed the marking of different RTF fonts on imported bibles to ensure that curly braces ( { and } ) were properly matched to ensure that all text is visible even when encoding changes.
021: Improved the performance on writing simple text (that is, text without formatting codes) to a Pocket e-Sword module.  I do a pre-check for an RTF code indicator ( \ ) and if it is not found, then I bypass the regular expression engine.
021: Corrected some user interface errors (for example, the 'Convert' options only supports converting to a Pocket e-Sword module, so I removed some of the undeveloped choices from the list
021: Automatically removed illegal file name characters from automatically generated file names (generally copied from the short description of a module)
021: Added support for importing Zefania formatted .xml files
021: Czech translation of the BeST 2 interface.
021: Added the ability to read OSIS and Zefania header information and populate the 'Description' of the module.
021: Fixed a bug in the import of a text file with BC V format where a verse line that ended with a number was misunderstood.
021: Fixed a bug in the creation of a concordance where an error message would show up if you attempted to create a concordance from a book that had no verses.
021: Improved the performance of writing a concordance to disk.
021: Improved the performance of the custom file / folder browser in the Premium version where it does not seek to connect to a PDA when it isn't logically needed.
021: Removed some nagging multi-threaded exceptions (not visible to users) during commentary writing.
021: Fixed the import of a file directly into a Pocket e-Sword module (Premium only)
021: Sorted the folder names on the File Open dialog when displaying files from a connected Pocket PC (Premium Only)
021: Added file import for BeST XML files (Bibles and Commentaries only).
021: Improved the writing of BeST XML exports.
021: Removed intratext line breaks when exporting a module to .csv
021: Improved the handling of Traditional and Simplified Chinese when importing unicode text.  It now will encode the text according to the selected font in the details instead of trying to rely solely on the unicode character.
021: Added a new "details" tab for recording metadata about new modules
021: Added new 'metadata' table to bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, devotions, study notes, reading plans.  metadata contains 4 columns: id (autonumber primary key), element_title (varchar 255), element_description (memo), taxonomy (varchar 255)
021: Dramatically improved the writing of text files to commentaries.
021: Fixed a bug in the way that text files were being written to bibles.
022: Updated the write code in text file imports so that it has events and reads/writes are done per book, and not per verse or a set number of verses.
022: Found and fixed an error in writing to a commentary's Chapter Notes... All chapters' notes ended up in the first chapter.
022: Fixed a bug in file reading where the book/chapter#/verse# exist on their own line without anything behind it.
022: Added the ability to have B C:V Commentaries able to read more than one line, as long as the line doesn't start with a book of the bible.