Can't install any module?

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I am a new user and I can't install any module. After I click on "run", then "install", the process stopped prematurely.
I can see the file in file foder(e-sword) but won't be displayed on e-sword. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Re: Can't install any module?

what is the version of eSword you are using
what is the extention of the files that where downloaded into eSword folder

The same thing said a different way sparks the understanding


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Re: Can't install any module?

Out of curriosity open the e-Sword program and on the toolbar above click "OPTIONS" and then scroll and click "RESOURCES". See if the resources are listed there without a check by them, if so check the box next to them and click "OK" and they will showup. If they are not shown in the resource window then you need to check what file they are in and reset the "LOCATION" FILE the E-Sword program reads from to be the file that the resources are in. This is also dun in the resource pop-up window. And while you are there make sure that you do not have the box checked for "DISPLAY TABS IN A SINGLE ROW", as this can hide resorces from showing as well. All of the above work with Bibles, Commentaries, and Dictionary modules, the Topx modules need to be put in "C:/USERS NAME/MY DOCUMENTS/eSword" and opened in from the bottom of the "EDITORS" window. There are other types of modules that perhaps other could explain what file they go in.

Hope this helps, let us know.

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