Why I'm Thankful for eSU

Why I’m Thankful for eSU

I wanted to take a few minutes and be thankful for eSU. Pardon the ramblings, which are not necessarily in the order of their importance.

eSU has increased the amount of Bible study tools I have at my disposal.

eSU helped me learn to maximize the vast potential of eSword.

eSU provided a place for me to ask questions, and receive answers (sometimes the answers were even helpful!).

eSU taught me about many of the free and helpful programs that live elsewhere on the ‘net.

eSU provided a place for me to share some of my eSword experiences & education (example: my “The Baptist Disciple” has had 5,000 hits.)

eSU provided a platform for me to begin to share my work with the world.

eSU allowed me to learn a little HTML.

eSU made me design an avatar.

eSU gave me the opportunity to begin to learn about website building.

eSU forced me to study copyright law - and now, while not an expert, I have a rudimentary understanding of how it is supposed to work.

eSU allowed me to learn how to have an internet staff meeting.

eSU introduced me to Google, and many of the tools Google offers.

eSU allowed me to meet some wonderful people. It also reminded me that there are not-so-nice people who masquerade as Christian servants.

eSU allowed me to be able to interact with some influential people that I never otherwise would have been able to meet.

eSU encouraged me to build a circle of module builders. “Perhaps Today”, “edsandlin,” and “PMars1253” have done an incredible amount of work in the service of The King!

eSU drove me to build the resource blogs that would eventually become DoctorDaveT.com.

eSU let me see what I wanted to include on a site - and what I wanted no part of, too.

eSU gave me the confidence that I could actually run my own website.

eSU allowed me to (briefly) see what could happen when Christians joined together for the glory of God.

I have a web ministry today (www.DoctorDaveT.com) that is still hard for me to believe - due in large part to the influence of eSU. So, to Gary, Karen, Vaughn, Bob, Jonathon, Brent & the rest of the previous/current eSU administrative team, thanks for the part you played in my current ministry.

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Re: Why I'm Thankful for eSU

DoctorDave......Well spoken my friend......perhaps we all should develope our own list.I'm remembering the old gospel hymn that goes......Count your blessings ...count them one by one !!!!