Return to pocket e-sword on my HTC Touch pro (with WM 6.5.3 rom)

I've been using pocket e-sword since I got my first PDA phone (HTC elf). It's a great software for my pocket PC and very useful especially during Bible Study. Now I have HTC TouchPro for almost 3 years and tried different bible software like OliveTree bible among others, and find it useful because of the many resources. I'm using both pocket e-sword and olive tree but the later is mainly focused on iphone os and android devices, so I decided to install again the current version of pocket e-sword 3.2 which is working just fine except for the font issue when using bible with strongs (work around is change the default "Font" to either "Calibri" or "HelveticaNeue LT 55" to avoid overlapping/gaps on strongs number)