Known Pocket Esword Resources - 13-3-11

Known Pocket Esword Resources

1. I will be posting in this blog the known Pocket Esword resources,

2. There could be more known Pocket Esword resources than those posted but the list are resources I have.

3. Only modules in English language will be a part of the list.

4. Cultic modules will not be a part of the list.

5. Some of the resources might never be made available for puplic download because of copyright issues.

6. I will be updating the known Pocket Esword resource lists.

7. Maybe you see some modules in your own personal list that are not on the list,
perhaps the one you have has another name as well and therefore could be a repetition.

Known Pocket Esword Resources - bbl, cmt, dct, dev Modules

Updated - 13-3-11
Modules - 204
New Modules - 0

bbl Modules - 40
cmt Modules - 93
dct Modules - 58
dev Modules - 12

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