Daily Devotions?

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I'm wondering how many are using the e-Sword Daily Devotion feature and if there are any new ones available.

    1. Do you use the Daily Devotion feature every day?

    2. Do you use the Daily Devotion feature once in a while?

    3. Do you use the Daily Devotion feature it at all.

    4. Did you know the Daily Devotion feature was in e-Sword.

    5. If you have used it, which resources in order of preference do you use?

    6. Are there any e-Sword Daily Devotions resources that you would like to see available for e-Sword if so which ones?

    7. Do you know of any e-Sword Daily Devotions that are not posted on http://e-sword-users.org or http://e-sword.net/?

    8. What's your thoughts or comments on this topic?

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Re: Daily Devotions?

Yes, I use daily devotions almost every day, and have about 19 of them. I can always seem to find something that encourages me on one of these devotionals.

At present I am in the process of making two more devotional modules, but it's been a long slog - persistence is the key, for me anyway. On the first module I'm up to mid-June, and with the second module I'm up to late-March.

There are additional dev and devx modules available on David Cos site and with eSnips, free for download.