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The King James Version Defended by Edward F. Hills.

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From the Back Cover of "The King James Version Defended" -

    The Bible in English has fallen on hard times. Not only do some feminists see it as a format from which to transform Ancient Near Eastern, patriarchal religions into modern, 20th century paradigms of egalitarianism, but the American Bible publishing industry has reduced it to a commodity, hoping to maximize gains by imposing a marketing-manufactured concensus on conservative evangelicals, calling it the beginning of a "new tradition." Edward F. Hills in his work The King James Version Defended represents a sober and compelling argument for the "old tradition." As a well trained classicist and an internationally recognized New Testament critic, he analyzes the problems of both modern language translations and current new Testament text criticism methodology. With the sometimes widespread and uncritical acceptance of such translations as the New International Version by pastors as well as laymen, this defense of the historic, English Protestant Bible should be read by all who share an interest in these areas.

Wondering about his credentials? Read this excerpt from the e-Sword module entitled "From the Family of Dr. Hills" -

    Edward F. Hills (1912-1981) was born and raised in Oak Park, Illinois. After graduating from high school he attended Yale University where he excelled in the Latin classics and was a Phi Beta Kappa graduating summa cum laude in 1938. From Yale he entered Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia where he studied under the famous J. Grescham Machen and other well known scholars. Under the tutelage of Dr. N. B. Stonehouse, he was introduced to the new Greek New Testament of Westcott and Hort, Greek rival of the old Textus Receptus. Hills became exceedingly troubled concerning the significant differences between the two Greek texts. "Had not God inspired His Word? Had not God promised to preserve it?" How could this newly edited 19th century text displace the one used for centuries by the Church? In this same class, however, he also learned that among scholars in England there had been one loud, dissenting voice to this newly praised text, John William Burgon, an Oxford scholar who had opposed Westcott and Hort in the revision committee. Unfamiliar with this name, Hills wondered, "Who was this Burgon and what was his vociferous objection?" He determined to study this issue himself. After he obtained the Th.B. Degree from Westminster, he studied at Columbia Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia where he earned the Th.M. From there he studied at the University of Chicago for two years and transferred to Harvard University where he earned his Th.D. in New Testament text criticism. His years of intense research have resulted in two significant books: The King James Version Defended and Believing Bible Study [Dave - which is also available as an eSword module!]. Edward F. Hills has been called the Father of the 20th century renewal of the Textus Receptus.

This is the single best book available on the King James Only issue. Scholarly; doctrinal; reformed; balanced; charitable; independent; conservative; Christian!

Even if you find yourself disagreeing with his ultimate conclusions, your faith will be strengthened and your mind will be challenged with this most excellent work.