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Webmaster & System Administrator, Co-Owner:  

Pastor Gary & Karen Everest & family


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Super Administrator:A chickadee

Jonathon Blake   aka:  jonathon     

Jonathon says about himself...

A wanderer of the wasteland.

I'm very introverted, and something of a recluse.

Tool & Utility Builder (TUB):

Ben Krueger   aka: ben.krueger    Ben Krueger & Family


Ben and family playing "Finger Mustache Tag!"  (I chose this picture because it hid my belly.  Since it was posted, I've lost 35 pounds (15.5 Kilograms) and my wife has lost about 25 -- it is never too good of an idea to ask a woman about her weight!)

I currently worship in a mission-focused church in a newer region of Calgary Alberta Canada (  We are associated with the Lutheran Church Canada -- a confessional Lutheran body.  We are very focused on reaching out to people who have not met Jesus, and so our services are not like many in our city -- we purposely try to remove any impediment from people without sacrificing the message.  We do not use a traditional hymnal, but rather have the various elements of the traditional service embedded in more "user friendly" format.  All of our music is "contemporary" -- meaning we use drums, electric keyboard, guitars (I play bass guitar) and Powerpoint projection to display the words.  Of the Lutheran churches in our affiliation in the city, we are the only one growing.  We now worship between 50-80 a Sunday (although the number of people who worship "regularly" with us is over 100) ... a year ago it was 20-30.  It is very exciting for me personally to see people start or re-start their relationship with Jesus and who would likely have problems attending a more "traditional" service, and yet often it is very tiring as I am one of the few people who arrive early to unpack our trailer and set up the sound system, altar, projection, etc.  And then I stay late to pack it all up again.  But Jesus didn't say that he'd give us an easy go of it -- only that it would be worth it!  And it definitely is!  Praise to Him!

My wife of 22 years is a psychologist in private practice.  She has just moved from one office where she was renting space with other psychologists to her own space where she has now brought another psychologist, and a social worker "on board".  She focuses on educational assessment, diagnosis, and testing with children and adults.  I joke with my friends that the reason she keeps me around is that I'm a "long term case study" and  she doesn't want to lose track of me!  She also picks the music for our church and plays our keyboard.

My son is 16 and about ready to get his driver's license.  He is an exceptional student and all around great kid.  He will empty and load the dishwasher on his own without even being told.  He has his mother's head for mathmatics and my head for sciences.  He is likely going to go into the chemistry field or something related to it.  He loves playing role-playing computer games

My daughter is 13 and has her mother's gift for talking!  She plays piano very well and loves cloths and the prospect of convincing Mom and Dad that she really needs a new "text friendly" cell phone.  She is one of the Sunday School teachers (along with our Pastor's wife) and loves the children.  Our church has Sunday School for the kids starting just before the sermon.  When we suggested that she should stay for the sermon with us (at least some times), she responded, "Your calling is doing the music here, mine is to teach Sunday School!"  Hard to argue with reasoned logic like that!

I work for a major worldwide IT company doing outsourcing services support and implementation.  If you don't know what that means, don't worry.  Many days I don't know either!  All I really know is that they shut down my office building several years ago (8 ? ), so I now spend all my day working in my basement.  I don't get out much.

I have received many Microsoft certifications including MCSD .NET, MCDBA and Microsoft Certified Trainer.  I'm currently trying to upgrade my .NET certifications so I can teach something that people would actually be willing to attend (my certifications are several years old).  In addition to being the developer of BeST, I also am a sawdust maker (with a bunch of very dangerous tools in my garage), and all-around IT techie for my wife's business.

I also have a propensity to wear "Hawaiian" shirts.



Tool & Utility Builder (TUB):

Brent and Jeanne Hildebrand

Brent Hildebrand   aka: BH

I've been a physician for 30 years, board certified in Anesthesiology (recert 2009!).  My undergraduate training was in Electrical Engineering.  I've been married for 25 years to my wife Jeanne who is a Registered Nurse.  I have 2 sons, both on engineering tracks.  I doubt they will get side tracked like I did into medicine. My oldest Kurt, is currently in Electrical Engineering.  And #2 son Mark, has a hankering for Mechanical Engineering.  He would be ecstatic to be able to design and build new and interesting bicycle suspensions as he is an avid mountain biker.

I write computer programs for fun!  Currently here on e-SU I have e-Sword HotKey and e-Sword ToolTip Tool.  The former is an aid to personal Bible study, making the looking up scripture texts in any Windows document quickly in e-Sword.  And the latter for aiding in creating e-Sword content.  I have a few others that may make in on to e-SU in the furture. I write my programs in APL (A Programming Language).  Why?  #1, because I can, and #2 it is fast to build and test programs.  In fact, I often edit the programs while I am using them!  Not many computer languages can claim that ability.  


Tool & Utility Builder (TUB):Clint Branham

Clint Branham   aka: GoodOlClint

Clint says about himself:

As for a little about myself, I'm 21, I work in the IT Department of a multi-site mega-church.

I consider myself more of a Messianic Jew then any other denomination, but I don't think that's a

very good description.






File Archiver & Page Builder (FAPB):





Resource Classification Archivist (RCA):

Eric Shimkus   aka: Icenian

Info and picture coming soon!




Resource Builder (RB):

Richard Lentz   aka: videoeditman        Rich Lentz












Resource Builder (RB):

 Domenic Marbaniang aka: rdsmarb        Domenic Marbaniang


Dean and Professor of Theology and Religions at Central India Theological Seminary,  Itarsi,  Madhya Pradesh.

India Theological Seminary, Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh. Editor of BASILEIA, theological journal, and evangelist with

the Pentecostal Churches of India. Graduate of Central India Theological Seminary of the Pentecostal Churches,

Itarsi (BTh, 1998; M.Div., 2001) and ACTS Academy of Higher Education, Bangalore (M.A., 2004; M.Phil., 2005;

Ph.D., 2007).






Resource Builder (RB):

Stanley Woo Swee Leong   aka: stanley woo    Stanley Woo Swee Leong

Nationality: Malaysian

I’ve invited Jesus into my life since December 2001 after being challenged by a dear friend to find out the true meaning of Christmas.

Eventually I become actively involved in mission works and attended YWAM, School of Frontier Mission. I am a member of Damasara Utama Methodist Church, currently working in Malaysia for a leading company in ICT industry, also joining the photography and Nepali Ministry of my church.

Through the involvement in Nepali ministry, my desire of having a Nepali language Worship Lyrics and Bible verses to be projected during the celebration prompted me to pray and to search around the internet for suitable resources.

Amazed at how Brother Jonathan in e-Sword Yahoo group able to make resources by simply cut and paste without knowing how painful this exercise will be, I have also said the prayer to ask the Lord to give me the chance to participate in this wonderful work.

God in his divine appointment brought me to a dear brother who has a copy of Nepali Sangati Bible in plain text. I am also impressed with his programming capability as he has written a program similar to worship projection software. With the text files from him, and a beginner book on Microsoft Access Database from another friend, 6 months later the Nepali Sangati New Testament for e-Sword is completed.

Another round of test waiting ahead is the permission to distribute the bible freely. God this time sent the director of Nepali Sangati Bible translation team from Nepal to Malaysia and we had a very short meeting. Finally the Nepali bible that waited permission for 3 years is free to release to the world.

One year later, the Psalms and Proverbs for Nepali Sangati Bible were added and published in

While I wished to understand the characters in Nepali Language, it is not needed in creating the Nepali Sangati Bible for e-Sword. You only need to pray, and know how to cut & paste, 31102 times.  I am now praying to meet up with more new bible translator/translation team so that we could have permission to distribute bible freely.





Resource Builder (RB):

Pamela Marshall   aka: PMars1253   Pamela Marshall


Pamela says about herself...

At present, I am the Home Health Care Aide for my 81 yr old mother.  With a lot of time on my hands,

I volunteered and am helping e-SU's create topic modules.









Resource Builder (RB):

Dr. Edgar Pierce   aka: edgarpierce    Dr. Edgar Pierce

Dr. Edgar Pierce has been serving as the Pastor of East Union Baptist Church in Jackson, TN since March 23rd, 2009.  Over the years he's been privileged to have served the Lord in six other Baptist churches as well.  These churches are:  Watauga First Baptist in Watauga, TN; Midway Baptist and Cedar Grove Baptist in Johnson City, TN; Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist in Kingsport, TN;  Immanuel Baptist in Pine Bluff, AK and First Baptist of Paris in Paris, AK.

He is also past President (1999) of the Tennessee Baptist Convention Pastor’s Conference and has served short term mission projects throughout the US and internationally as well. He is a graduate of Southern Baptist School in Jacksonville, Fla.




Resource Builder (RB):

David Sawtelle   aka: DSaw

David says...

A little bit about myself
I live in Pennsylvania
I was working on my own personal use collection of bibles for esword when I found esword user's site my efforts have now changed to resources that can be shared with everyone
No picture the camera's always broke!  LOL




Resource Builder (RB):

LarryG   aka: LarryG   LarryG


Larry says about himself...

I am a retired ex-bibliophile, non-tech button pusher with the fun loving gentle attitude of the lowly badger -

who really loves Jesus.






Graphic Artist (GA):

Ebed Doulos   aka: Ebed DoulosEbed Doulos

I am well married (34 years) to a lovely bride who is a high-speed, low-drag registered nurse.  We have four incredible children - two of each gender and all married - and 13 amazing grandchildren.  I am a retired military officer who subsequently had a healthcare career in Materiel Management.  I have been blessed with a little artistic talent and enough clients to keep myself occupied.  My bride and I volunteer our services to our church where we teach a class of 8 year-olds.  I have amassed an eclectic library of 2,000+ volumes, ranging from religion to history to art to science to science fiction to military to medical to romance to western to mystery to biography to politics to ... well you get the idea ... name a subject and there is a good chance I’ve got a book on it. I am currently pursuing my studies in theology.  I also have a garage full of sawdust with the appropriate tools and some modest skills in its manufacture.  Between grandchildren, family, friends, calling, hobbies, research, study, art commissions, etc., I am extremely busy and loving every minute of it.



Forum & Blog Moderator (FBM):

Česko-Slovenské / Czech-Slovak - Martin Tabac   aka: Taby

Info and picture coming soon!




Forum & Blog Moderator (FBM):

Polskie / Polish - Dariusz (Darek) Krzyzaniak  Dariusz (Darek) Krzyzaniak aka:  Darek    


I was born in 1965  (Poland).  I've lived in a small house in a forest  with my parents - my dad  is a

forest ranger. My profession is also a forestry.  I love woods, rivers, lakes (but I don't like big cities).

Now I live in a small town Trzcianka, all around are forests and lakes (NW Poland).   My interests are

focused on God's Word - to understand YHWH,  his Son Jesus and His Word - so then I analyse many

translations, also I'm trying to study original Biblical languages,  Hebrew,  Aramaic and Greek.   I've 

used e-Sword for some years - it is excellent tool for my purposes, and my desire is to help others.



Volunteer's Needed for the e-SU Team!

Below you will find a list of jobs at e-SU that still need a body that is willing to share in this work for the Kingdom of God!

If you are interested in becoming a part of the e-SU Team....please, let Pastor Gary, Upmomof6 know!  Click on their  names to drop them a line!  We look forward to the team members that the Lord directs our way!


Site Builder & Maintainer (SBM):  This job requires a person that can work with Drupal, and assist Pastor Gary.

e-Sword & e-Sword Users Technical Support Specialist (TSS):  This person will troll the e-Sword User forums, yahoo e-Sword groups, and answer questions as an official representative of e-Sword Users.

File Archiver & Page Builder (FAPB):  This person, will work with UPmomof6, and will learn to build and maintain pages, along with helping to maintain the archive of all the resources.

License & Permissions Coordinator (LPC):  We need a person who can help contact people about the material that is out there and available, but needs permission.

Module Creator Coordinator (MCC):  This person, needs to know how to make e-Sword Resources of all kinds or is willing to learn in a BIG way!  This person, will be the go to person for ALL creator's of e-Sword User made resource.

Training Resource Builder (TRB):  This is someone who will be interested in building training resources.  Current projects include: new user manual for e-Sword, new training videos for e-Sword and user manuals and training manuals for tools Ex. BeST, etc.

Resource Builders (RB):  We need LOTS of these!  These people will take materials and make them into user created e-Sword resources.  Version 8, version 9? Doesn't matter, what ever version you are running, just let us know.

Forum & Blog Moderators (FBM):  We need moderators for English and other languages.  If you are bi-lingual with English and another language and would like to become a moderator of a foreign forum, please get ahold of us. We also need an English forum moderator also.  If your interested...We Need You!  Contact us today.