"The Baptist Expositor": Help Locating Good Expository e-Sword Tools for the Teacher, Preacher, and Student of The Word


As of August 1, 2010, this blog will no longer be maintained.

This blog was originally started to help expositors find biblical content. (eSU only sorts .topx by author's last name; so it isn't easy to find all of its resources on any one book of the Bible.) Additionally, conservative/evangelical resource material from outside of eSU was added for the convenience of eSUrs. The result was a list of the expositional resources formatted for eS that Baptists and other conservatives would find useful.

Now that www.DoctorDaveT.com is up and running, this blog has been completely replaced. DDT is arranged expositionally and topically, so finding resources is much easier.

This blog will be left up as long as it pleases the fine eSU admin. team. Below you'll find the final edition of "The Baptist Expositor."

Visit our work at www.DoctorDaveT.com for more excellent expository Bible study materials!

Dr. David S. Thomason
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Greetings, Fellow Expositors,

e-SU has lots of modules: 700+ 9x .topx modules at latest count, and modules are uploaded fairly regularly for distribution. It won't be long before there are 1,000 .topx modules! And that can be quite a job sorting the wheat from the chaff.

The purpose for this blog is to help the Expositor quickly find resources that are expository in nature without having to wade through hundreds of topical .topx files.

All links to these expository resources are for e-Sword Version 9, which can be downloaded HERE. If you haven't yet upgraded from version 7x or 8x, you'll want to read my blog about upgrading first. You can read my blog here. If you haven't yet upgraded to version 9x, what are you waiting for? You should click here and read this right after you take off your sock tie!

If you're looking for good, Baptist resources of a more general nature, check out my blog - "The Baptist Disciple" - Recommended Modules List for Teachers, Students, and other Christian Disciples Who Happen to be Baptist.

Are you interested in Theological Resources? If so, you'll want to read my blog, "The Baptist Theologue": Help Locating Good Doctrinal e-Sword Tools for the Teacher, Preacher, and Student of The Word. It is a theologically organized listing of sound, doctrinal resources.

Are you interested in Church History - particularly from a Baptist perspective? If so, you'll want to read my blog, "The Baptist Historian" - Help Locating Good History Modules for the Teacher, Preacher, and Student of The Word. It is an organized listing of Church History modules emphasizing Baptist works.

Here are a few assumptions on my part that you'll want to understand:

  1. You've already visited "The Big Three" and downloaded all of the commentaries available.
  2. You've already installed all of the dictionaries you'll need for word studies and topic investigation.
  3. I am theologically conservative, evangelical and fundamental. Denominationally I am an independent Baptist.
  4. I obviously don't agree with everything these folks say; but I guess I'd better say that I obviously don't agree with everything they say, or some might think that I do!
  5. Some of these commentators I don't even enjoy or utilize; but I list them knowing that they are at least fairly conservative in their opinions.
  6. I've not included modules of individual expository sermons.
  7. Please forgive me if I've excluded your favorite commentator. The oversight may not have been intentional.

So this blog posting is basically a conservative and fundamental listing of the .topx available that are useful for the Expositor - teacher, preacher, or student. I will also include some STEP resources that are available, too.

Have I missed something? Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and send me a note. If I use your recommendation, I'll give you the credit right here in my blog. I'm always looking for good resources.

One last note: you'll see that there is not nearly enough expository resources available. Perhaps some who see the need can begin to help build e-Sword modules.


Internet Anthology Volume 02 - John Walvoord, Dr. David S. Thomason, editor. This module includes .html links to several of Walvoord's excellent commentaries, including Daniel, Matthew, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, and Revelation. There is much, much more in this excellent and helpful module.

An Anthology of Sir Robert Anderson. This volume has good expository studies on Daniel and Hebrews, amongst other topical works.

Bible Statistics by Michael Diguido. This short module has some very practical information. The chapters on "Measurements & Distances", "Money," and "Weights" make this module very helpful indeed.

Exposing the Word - by Dr. Edgar Pierce. This .cmtx module covers part of the NT, and a little of the OT. Dr. Pierce is an active Southern Baptist pastor that has turned his expository sermons into e-Sword modules. Conservative.

He Expounded by Douglas M. White. Subtitled "A Guide to Expository Preaching," published by Moody Press. Every teacher of teens and adults should grasp the major concepts of this book. While not a commentary, it will greatly aid the would-be expositor in the presentation of the truth of The Word of God.

Manners and Customs of Bible Lands by Fred Wight. Good background material to Bible times for the careful expositor.


A Brief Bible History - A Survey of the OT & NT by J. Gresham Machen and James O. Boyd. 38 Lessons covering the two Testaments.

Text Commentaries by Ray Stedman. This is a brief survey of the entire Bible.

Internet Anthology Vol 03 - Thomas Constable by Dr. David S. Thomason. This module is a collection of .html links to Dr. Constable's excellent .pdf commentaries on the whole Bible.

Internet Anthology Vol 05 Precept Austin by Dr. David S. Thomason. This Internet Anthology provides links to what is absolutely the best expository bible study website I’ve ever seen! From Genesis to Revelation, each book of the Bible has absolutely excellent expository studies.

The Bible Book by Book by Josiah Blake Tidwell. Originally written as a survey of the Bible. This work would serve as an excellent introduction to the Books of the Bible.


Bible History, Old Testament by Alfred Edersheim.







Introduction to the New Testament by Louis Berkhof.

Between the Testaments by B.H. Carroll.

The 400 Silent Years by H.A. Ironside.