BeST built

I have just built the version of BeST 2. The changes file lists a number of big changes since the last release ( I have dramatically improved the file import speed and added the ability to read B-XML and Zefania .xml documents. There are other changes as well, and I hope to post them here. The version also has a 'Check for Updates' button which should make it easier for people to get the latest version of BeST 2.

I am contemplating having BeST look on this website for the files to update, but I have to work out a few technical details first.

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What is Best 2

I do not know what Best 2 is, can you enlighten me/us?

Tom Hoer
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Vaughn R. Jacobs
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What is BeST2

BeST 2 is a tool for working on modules for e-Sword. Brother Ben is a great gift to the e-Sword community as this is one of the great tools used to make modules for both e-Sword and pocket e-Sword. We are currently working with brother Ben to allow him to host his modules and BeST on this site.  Hopefully this answered your question!

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