The Future of this Site

I am sorry but in the rush to open this site we have been a little slow with the resources. However, with over 2800 modules that need to be researched and cataloged; we need people to help in a variety of areas. In the weeks to come we will get to the FAQs that were written by Jonathon. We will migrate most of the modules from the other Yahoo groups; as much as we are allowed. We are in the process of linking with and all the premium modules as well. Rick Meyers has given us the blessing to become the site for all e-Sword users to be directed to from his site as well.

I look forward to hearing from the group as I am here to make e-Sword the most used bible software program in the world. No idea is too strange or dumb, if the Lord has put it on your heart to do then we are here to help you where we can. One of the things we are doing is making this the place for every resource available for e-Sword. So if it is under copyright we will be able to tell you, if you know who made something tell us, we are here to make it easier for all to use. So, there are many new things to come as the Lord has already provided many great things and many more are to come I am sure.

Your E-sword Missionary

Vaughn R. Jacobs

1 Cor. 15:58

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New Strongs dictionary created with LXX cross references

Shalom All,

I just uploaded a zip file in the dictionary file section of the e-sword yahoo group (see link below)

This zipped file contains a Strong's dictionary file (strong.dct) that has appended to it a cross-reference of Greek words from the Septuagint. This way when you look up a Hebrew word in Strong's, you can see the related word Greek words. The reverse is also true i.e. if you look up a Greek word in Strong's, then you can see the related Hebrew words. FYI, this was a port from the SwordProject

This to me is very cool because the New Testament was written in Greek (at least that's what we have) so using the LXX, you can with a high probability see the equivalent Hebrew words.

I included four graphic files to show how it works.


John Marsing

Vaughn R. Jacobs
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File uploads

Please, when you upload files to other places, upload to as well. As this will allow us to grow the resources even faster. And it will allow more people to have access to them as well.

Grace and Peace
Your E-Sword Missionary
Vaughn R. Jacobs
1 Cor. 15:58