Our Mission

Here is our Mission Statement at e-Sword Users (e-SU):

  • TO BRING e-Sword users and resource developers together. We want the user and developer to be able to interact easily with each other. This way, the developer will know what the user is looking for, and the user will be able to ask questions directly of the developers.
  • TO INSURE the completeness, accuracy, doctrine and license of each and every e-Sword resource we offer by thoroughly vetting them.  This will require the inclusion of all tables in each module, i.e., the copyright and mete data tables, the inspection of each resource for its accuracy to the original text, the doctrine of  the original text, and the research and verification of each license.
  • TO ENDEAVOR to enhance and protect the reputation of e-Sword and our brother Rick Meyers, thereby encouraging more publishing houses and authors to offer their catalogs in e-Sword format.
  • TO PROMOTE the Gospel and the international use of e-Sword by providing as many different translations of as many e-Sword resources as possible.
  • TO PROVIDE a top tier repository for many of the e-Sword resources available worldwide.
  • TO ALLOW our e-Sword users to fellowship and learn from one another by using our blogging, forum and wiki faculties.
  • TO OFFER educational opportunities for all e-Sword users by providing the finest FAQ and Educational resources for e-Sword available anywhere.
  • TO INSPIRE the e-Sword community to come together in the creation of new e-Sword resources through the use of our project tracking and development feature.
  • TO GRANT access to all e-Sword users by providing a fully a11y and Section 508 compliant website and to offer mobile access through our yet to complete e-Sword Users .mobi domain and website.

Well, there you have it friends.  Yes, our goals may seem a daunting task, however, we firmly believe that they are very doable with the kind assistance of our fellow e-SUrs and through God’s blessing.  If you feel that you might like to join with us in any of the above goals, please feel free to drop us a line through this Contact Us link and let's see what we can accomplish for the Lord together.

--e-Sword Users Team

Last updated on: July 23, 2009