e-Sword Users Foundation: Core Activities


The name of the foundation is e-Sword Users Foundation.

The mission statement is "To create and distribute digital tools and resources for studying the Bible".

The Aims and goals of the foundation are: 

Free Books

I thought some of you might be interested in some free e-books. These are good ones, by well known authors, Pink, Piper, many others. You are able to save some in pdf format and other ways.

Here are some links: 

e-Sword Users... What a Great Resource...

I really enjoy e-Sword Users. It has been a great teacher.

Why I'm Thankful for eSU

Why I’m Thankful for eSU

I wanted to take a few minutes and be thankful for eSU. Pardon the ramblings, which are not necessarily in the order of their importance.

eSU has increased the amount of Bible study tools I have at my disposal.

eSU helped me learn to maximize the vast potential of eSword.

eSU provided a place for me to ask questions, and receive answers (sometimes the answers were even helpful!).

eSU taught me about many of the free and helpful programs that live elsewhere on the ‘net.  read more...

Support Page

I deliberately took the support page offline this morning.
I do not know who controls the Paypal account.  This is an issue, because without knowing who controls that account, there is no assurance that donations made to that account will go towards the website.
If you have made a donation to the website, using PayPal, since January 2010, would you please send me  an email stating the date and amount that you contributed. 

Available Volunteer Positions

Currently, there are two vacant positions on the e-Sword-users administration team that need to be filled immediatly.  To be blunt, if there are no candidates for these positions by 9 April 2011, this site will shut down on 13 April 2011, and stay down.  read more...

Why the site was down. was down due to an unpaid web hosting bill.  That the site went down, and the reason for it doing so, caught virtually all of the current and former e-sword-user team members by surprise.

Return to pocket e-sword on my HTC Touch pro (with WM 6.5.3 rom)

I've been using pocket e-sword since I got my first PDA phone (HTC elf). It's a great software for my pocket PC and very useful especially during Bible Study. Now I have HTC TouchPro for almost 3 years and tried different bible software like OliveTree bible among others, and find it useful because of the many resources.  read more...

Known Pocket Esword Resources - 13-3-11

Known Pocket Esword Resources

1. I will be posting in this blog the known Pocket Esword resources,

2. There could be more known Pocket Esword resources than those posted but the list are resources I have.

3. Only modules in English language will be a part of the list.

4. Cultic modules will not be a part of the list.

5. Some of the resources might never be made available for puplic download because of copyright issues.

6. I will be updating the known Pocket Esword resource lists.

7. Maybe you see some modules in your own personal list that are not on the list,  read more...

Evolution of words

Does anyone know of a good study that traces how word meanings evolve with time? For example, the word symbol has drastically changed in meaning.

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