May 2011

Can't install any module?

I am a new user and I can't install any module. After I click on "run", then "install", the process stopped prematurely.
I can see the file in file foder(e-sword) but won't be displayed on e-sword. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Valera Purificada?

Hola, ¿alguno de ustedes tiene esta versión para el e-espada? ¿Podrías hacer uno si no?

Si desea enviarme un correo electrónico (quitar los espacios), mi dirección de correo electrónico nuevo

s w 0 4 @ i n b o x . c o m


_______________ Verse List -> Scripture Memory

The feature for scheduled memory in e-sword would be helpful if it was efficient to use. At this time I would like to only recommend one simple ability. Please make Verse Lists importable into the scripture memory tool. Having to manually enter all the verse references greatly reduces the amount of scripture to input in a timely manner.

converting personal NOT files from older e-sword 7.1 to 9x

I just upgraded e-sword 7.1.0 to version 9.8.3 on my laptop. It automatically converted my personal .NOT file to the .NOTX format which worked fine, but when I tried to convert another NOT file using the conversion utility v.1.0.4, it said it converted it to the .NOTX format, but shows up blank when I load e-sword. I have the file in the correct directory under My Documents\e-sword.

I am reluctant to upgrade my main computer to 9x because my personal note file is too important to lose. It is 11 megabytes long. Any suggestions?

e-Sword Users Foundation: Core Activities


The name of the foundation is e-Sword Users Foundation.

The mission statement is "To create and distribute digital tools and resources for studying the Bible".

The Aims and goals of the foundation are: 

New Heart English Bible

New Heart English Bible

This totally free bible would be great to get in e-Sword. The digital text version is available online. Is anyone able to get this for 9.x?


Hyperlinks in Topic Files

Hi All

I am preparing a topic file that contains several graphics.

Since e-Sword doesn't support images inside the RTF text, I've saved them as separate graphics files, and I'm trying to add hyperlinks to them.

In the old days, you'd copy the files in the e-Sword folder, or in a subfolder there. But now user resources must go to the documents folder in the user profile, typically to My Documents\e-Sword.

The problem is: e-Sword admits only absolute, not relative links. In other words, you need to write the whole path. In my case:
C:\Documents and settings\CARLOS\my documents\e-Sword

But since that path is different for every user, links will not work in any other computer (unless the user is CARLOS too). Is there a way to create links that will work in every computer?



Free Books

I thought some of you might be interested in some free e-books. These are good ones, by well known authors, Pink, Piper, many others. You are able to save some in pdf format and other ways.

Here are some links: