April 2011

Light By Design


Light By Design recently released a stand alone reader for their resources.

In celebration of our newly released LightByDesign Reader, we are offering you an introductory special. At a savings of over 35%, we are including 70 complete collections for the low price of $499.99. This is over 700 individual books!!! Simply download the LightByDesign Reader (which is a FREE), click the collections button, and follow the online instructions. In purchasing this spectacular library, you will enter into the minds and hearts of some of the greatest Christian writers of our Christian faith.

There website is http://www.lightbydesign.net/


e-Sword 9.9.0 Released

I'm downloading now 38.6 MB 
release numbers is 9.9.0 
may ad to post after installing
Fom website

e-Sword version 9.9 changes from 9.8
All of the Search dialogs have been completely redesigned! The layout, functionality, and results are greatly enhanced, providing even more information for study. The new hotkey Ctrl+Shift+S will open the Extended Bible Search dialog. The Parallel Bible will now support up to 8 translations for comparison. Single-row tabs are now easily set in the Resource Options dialog. The Graphics Viewer was adjusted to work under CrossOver in MAC and LINUX installations. Partial implementation of ArabicChineseGreek, and Japanese user interface localization. e-Sword now has 27 languages supported in the GUI!
**************************ADDED *******************************************
The Search sems to work as good as did before upgrade as far  as inprovement in search results i can not make a comment at this time
the modules in the editors window still only serch the open window  and not the whole file
(this would be a welcomed upgrade if serching entire collection of topic files was possible)
The parallel bible works as normal just with 8 versions now gets  alittle squishy but wit hthe wide screen moniter these days that may not be an issue
single row to multiple tabs works great without the need to restart
Graphics viewer and other languges where not tested
I run WIN XP

Want More Step Reader Files

Hi all. I found a way to get a lot of step. If you have Quick verse, Word Search, etc software that use Book Dat file, IDX file. I open Step Reader -> folder and file that had the Book Dat file.

What you can do is have a blank Topic so you can copy and Paste from the Step Reader straight into the topic. You can make your topic that way. or Take what you paste into topic -> cut or copy from topic into Tool Tip Tool to make the dictionary, commentary.

If you need help just ask me. (want it turned into cmt or dict)


Westcott-Hort without Strong's

Does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of the Westcott-Hort Greek New Testament without Strong's?

E Sword Speed

I do not use E sword as much as I used to, but I have noticed over the past year that E sword is really slow on all my PC's. It takes 5 - 10 seconds when I click on a new verse for e sword to go to that verse. I do not remember older versions of e sword being that slow... It is really bad on my netbook with only 1 MB of ran. E sword locks up and goes to "not responding" often. Maybe it has always been this way or I am just getting impatient. Other Bible software I have on my PC's is not like this, it responds almost instantly.

Is there a setting that can be changed to improve this, or is e sword just this way now.

BeST for Win 7 64

Hi Ben,

You still supporting this app?

User name ethayer...

Got BeST premium some time ago but doesn't seem to work with 64bit Windows.
Seems can't find proper SQLite DLL. Probably looking for 64 bit version.

Any changes/programs I should be aware of?


PS Any new word on efforts to put e-sword on android? Maybe I'll just write my own app.

Searching Topic Notes

Well, I have just downloaded ver. 9.9 and I like how Rick has changed the Bible, commentary and dictionary search windows. But how does one affectively search all topics? I've had problems with this in all versions, and it may just be "me"! Can anyone offer advice on searching topics? I have a lot of them installed and would like to be able to search them like I do the other modules. Thanks!

Pulpit Commentary for Pocket E sword Now Available

This is the pulpit commentary provided by Wingshot. Warning... it is 252 MB!

It does not include the book notes as pocket e sword does not support these.


New Modules Copyright or not?

Hi All. I am making new modules, but I don't know if I can distribute them

1. College press NT Cmt
2. Student's Guide to the New Testment

more to come thanks

Pulpit Commentary for eSword (Genesis - Revelation) available

Here's the complete Pulpit Commentary for e-Sword (Genesis-Revelations). This is a *huge* commentary! Over 150 megs uncompressed, so I'm uploading it to several free webhosters in case there's bandwidth issues.

You can get the Commentary with the OT/NT together or the Commentary with the OT/NT separate:



Installation: Download and unzip the file. Put this module with your other commentaries in your eSword folder.

Title: The Pulpit Commentary
Date Written: 1880 - 1919
Authors: H. D. M. Spence & Joseph S. Exell
Status: Public Domain

Copyright Confirmation (verse by verse text in this module matches the text in the books below):
et all.