March 2011

Help Making CMTX Files

Was wondering if there was any utility out there to help convert .NOTX files to .CMTX files. I have created several personal .NOTX files that I would love to have as .CMTX files and tabs on E-Sword. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Help needed please, McCheyne's BRP

I downloaded McCheynes Bible Reading Plan and can see it in the E-sword modules folder with the other modules but I don't know how to run it from E-Sword. I can't see it anywhere in the programme, it doesn't appear in 'resources', and when I click on Bible Reading in 'options' all I get is a blank Bible Reading page.
I should add that I use Ubuntu, although every other module works fine.

I would appreciate any assistance.

Support Page

I deliberately took the support page offline this morning.
I do not know who controls the Paypal account.  This is an issue, because without knowing who controls that account, there is no assurance that donations made to that account will go towards the website.
If you have made a donation to the website, using PayPal, since January 2010, would you please send me  an email stating the date and amount that you contributed. 

"Which of the following should happen to" Poll

Not working - as a result bit hard to vote and register my thoughts

Available Volunteer Positions

Currently, there are two vacant positions on the e-Sword-users administration team that need to be filled immediatly.  To be blunt, if there are no candidates for these positions by 9 April 2011, this site will shut down on 13 April 2011, and stay down.  read more...

Why the site was down. was down due to an unpaid web hosting bill.  That the site went down, and the reason for it doing so, caught virtually all of the current and former e-sword-user team members by surprise.

Which of the following should happen to

* Abandon the Website
* Run it as a one person owned and operated website
* Incorporate as a for-profit organization
* Incorporate as a non-profit organization
* Find an organization to adopt it
* Something else 

PES Open Source - Wish List

If we can convince brother Rick to make Pocket e-Sword an open source project, it would be nice to see some new features, in addition to bug fixes. Here's a few suggestions to get the ball rolling:

1. Add (optional?) buttons on the menu bar to scroll back and forth through bookmarks (like the search reults buttons).
2. Add a tab for Topics, and a way to import them from the desktop version.
3. Create a utility to edit the bookmark files more easily, or make them more easily editable in the program itself.


PLEASE HELP......Having Issues With Study Notes...

I need help. I have read several posts on this subject and I must be doing something wrong. Here is my story. I have been using eSword for about 5 yrs now. The other day I came to my computer to discover that all my study notes were gone. I had notes in prob. 44 of the 66 possible book sections of the bible. Here is where it gets interesting. I checked the file size of the study.not file and it was 1300kb. Which leads me to believe the data is still there, why I couldn’t pull it up I don’t know. I did try to open it with acrobat reader & notepad to extract the data with no success. I was using version 7.7.07 when this problem occurred. I even followed the suggestion of other successful eSword user’s and deleted my eSword version, put the file in the eSword folder and downloaded the newest version of eSword. But when I did, the download created a new file for the study notes with 2kb of data and left the file with 1300kb in the folder, not recognizing or using it. In short I desperately need what’s in those notes and would greatly appreciate any help that could be given.

How to make your own Modules (tips)

Hi All, Some people asked me how to make your own modules for e-Sword. I use Tool Tip Tool3-(Commentaries, Dictionaries, Topics, Notes Devotionals, and more; Best2 (Mainly Bibles); MeD-(Grapics {Maps}, bibls, Cmt, Dict, Devotional, Topic in v7; Chad's Commentary Creator2 - Only Commentaries in v7, and other tools here on this site.

Here is the ways I make my own modules:

For Best2 (Bibles) check out this link (This link is to all the things I talk about) to Bible Template but you have to get the missing System.Data.SQLite.dll

I use MeD mainly for Graphics. When making your Graphic modules, use Paint to save the image in (bitmap) name it to what you want it to say in the module.

Chad's Cmt is a lot of Copy and Paste (I use to do this until I found out T3)

Now I use Tool Tip Tool3 for most of all my modules. It is more quickly than Chad's and easy to Tool Tip the Scriptures. Well here it goes.

Topic Modules

#define prefix =SC#2
#define description=Steps to Christ (Name of Topic)
÷FORWARD - Steps to Christ (1892,1893)
÷Table of Contents

God's Love for Man 9
The Sinner's Need of Christ 10

÷Chapter 1 - God's Love (Chapter Title)

Gods Love Joh_3:16 (The Body of Text)

Dictionary Module

#define description=Companion Bible Appendix, 1909 by E.W. Bullinger
#define abbreviation=CB-App
#define comments=Dictionary File
#define version=1
#define strong=0 (0=no, 1=yes
#define nosort=1


Companion Bible
Appendix #1


I The Law (Torah).

A. GENESIS. The beginning. All produced by the Word of God (Gen_1:3). Israel as a "family" (Gen_15:1)

Commentary Module

#define description=Sample entry
#define abbreviation=CGEN
#define comments=Comments are entered here:
Can be multiple lines
#define version=1

÷÷÷Gen - This is a summary of the book of Genesis

÷÷Gen 1 - This is a summary of the first chapter of Genesis
and it can be mult-lined also.

÷Gen_1:1. In the beginning. These words remind us of the fact that everything human has a beginning.

Open up My Documents -> e-Sword Folder Copy Topic or any of the module in the folder and Paste there (you should see Copy Topic.topix - rename it to what you want. This is how I made my own Topic, Study notes, etc. I open up e-Sword - Topic goto File open (where my module is). (Check your C:Program Files -> e-Sword Folder and My Documents -> e-Sword Folder for all your modules)

The Link has some modules I made,

Thanks and enjoy.