December 2010

instalar DICCIONARIOS en version 8

Hola Bendiciones

Me baje los diccionarios ya comprimidos todos en 2 archivos desde la pagina en descargas y los baja bien pero cuando los trato de instalar no se instalan porque la direccion a donde se deben de ir no e sla correcta

Y no se a donde se van..
Alguien pudiera ayudar con esto, pues estan todos los recursos en solo 2 archivos

LAS BIBLIAS Y COMENTARIOS se instalan perfecto

Son mas de 120 Biblias y como 40 comentarios todos en español

Agradeciendo sus atenciones y ayuda

UNmerging windows?

I've been using e-Sword for a long time now, but I'm new to version 9.x. In attempting to get my view set up the way I like it, I inadvertently merged the commentary and dictionary panes (so they're now two tabs on the same pane). Now I can't seem to separate them again. How do I make them two separate entities again?

Downloading modules Why?

Downloading modules Why?
As a module creator I may look at modules a different way then most people
When I see a new release module I download it weather I think I will use it or will even ever read it some of you may think why download it then

What Modules You would want from the Word or anything ( That is not copy right) to be converted to e Sword

Hi. I converting some free modules to e Sword. I would like to know: What Modules You (People) would want from the Word or anything ( That is not copy right) to be converted to e Sword. I Use TT3, e-Sword Commentary Creator, Med, e-Sword converter from 8-9, Topx

Please let me know


Cant Get Best Premium to Talk to WM 6.1 phone

I just downloaded BeST premium yesterday and I can't BeST to talk to my WM 6.1. Active Sync works fine. I tried all of the troubleshooting steps on the article I found on this website. Under my computer, the phone shows up as a seperate device and you can navigate through the files, but BeST still does not see it.

I kept getting to the part where it tries to install primeworks, and I get an error that there is an error in the application setup and it could not be installed. I tried manually installing primeworks and this works on my phone, but BeST still does not see it. I tried to get it to work on both a Windows XP machine and a Windows 7 machine.

I also tried making an emulated mobile device on my Windows 7 machine. I could not get BeST to talk to this either. I kept getting the same error.

I emailed Ben and he says he will help me when he gets back from vacation. I also thought I would post my problem here to see if anyone has any ideas.


Harmony Module

I downloaded a file as per instruction from DoctorDaveT but not sure where it shows in E-sword - please excuse my ignorance. Can you help me!

Wishlist Item: Edgar J. Goodspeed Translation of the New Testament

I would love it if someone would create and post a module for the Edgar J. Goodspeed translation of the New Testament.

Bible Study Software on gaming consoles


At BibleTech 2010, there was a talk on porting Bible Navigator to the x-box:

What I am wondering, is if:
* Anybody is aware of any other Bible Study software that has been distributed on a game consoles;
* Anybody would be interested in using Bible Study software on a game console;


study notes

I accidently deleted my study notes. How can I get them back?

e-Sword ToolTip Tool - What's new?

e-Sword ToolTip Tool v3.04 is now available.  v3.00 contained a new scripture tooltipping algorithm which will tooltip chapters or multiple chapters.  v3.04 now adds the ability to create Harmony files (HARX) and has a Commentary (CMTX) fill-in tool. 
Harmony Files
To create a Harmony file with e-ToolTipTool (T3) v3.04, you need to enter the following definitions at the beginning of your file.
#def description=This is My Harmony File.
#def abbreviation=MHF
#def comments=
#def version=1
Comments do not appear to be displayed by e-Sword at this time.  The Abbreviation is what will appear as a tab in the Harmony Window openned when you click the Harmony menu under Bibles in e-Sword.  The description will appear as a tooltip when you mouse over that Harmony tab.
After setting up definitions, you then make topic entries and "mark" them using the T3 mark menu.  Scripture references are then entered, up to 4 on a line.  The specification of a scripture reference that e-Sword will accept is not published, but by testing, it appears to accept references that up to one comma,  such as "John 3:16, 17", one dash,  "Exodus 20:8-11", or two dashes and one comma,  "John 3:16-17, 20-23".  T3 will automatically remove any extraneous spaces and will set the Bible book name to the accepted e-Sword value based on the current T3 Abbreviation definitions.  Reference on a single line are separated by a semi-colon.  "Exodus 20:8-11; Deut. 5:12-15"

Commentary Fill-In

The idea of this tool, is to add entries to an open Commentary file (CMTX) so that you can find the main entries faster and easily.  An example of how this might be used:  assume you have a CMTX file with about 1600 entries.  This means there are a number of scripture texts that do not have comments.  It may be difficult to find an entry in the part of the Bible you are studying, or even is there are entries near where you are studying.  The Fill-In tool, will create entries in the CMTX file which will have tooltipped links to the comment before and after the current verse you are reading.  If your CMTX file only have New Testament comments, and you are in the book of Exodus, there will be a link in the Commentary section which will point to the first entry in the New Testament.
What this tool breaks, is that for ever verse in the Bible, there will be an entry in your "filled in" CMTX file, and the e-Sword "(i)" will appear on that CMTX tab. 
To use this new tool, your CMTX file must be in a directory for which you have writing previleges.  THe tool is activated by clicking the Modules menu, then Commentary+Fill In Commentary Module.  A new CMTX file will be created with the same name as your old one, with "-FILL" added to it.   Example, "My Commentary.CMTX" will create a new file, "My Commentary-FILL.CMTX".  Be sure to not have both files in your e-Sword directory at the same time.