September 2010

Rearranging Views - Editors View?

I received an email newsletter today from eStudySource that included a link to a training video ( about rearranging the views. The instructions covered nothing I didn't already know; but the video displays a fourth (!) window labelled "Editors" that contains three tabs: "Journal Notes" (!), "Study Notes", and "Topic Notes". Does anyone know how to get this. I think I have the latest update at, but I don't have the extra window. It would be SO cool and helpful. Please advise!

God Bless,


Incomplete conversion to Pocket e-Sword

When I try to convert the following e-Sword modules to Pocket versions there are portions missing:

Tyndale OT ends at Deuteronomy 12:24; the NT starts at Mark 1:38.

Modern Spelling Tyndale/Coverdale & Coverdale modules both end at Deuteronomy 3:24 and pick up again at Judges 18:8.

They are full and complete in the desktop versions. I've tried reconverting happens every time. I've also tried converting them to text and recreating modules to convert...same thing. This even happens when I edit out characters such as text markers; and, always at the same place in the text.

Any help on a fix would be greatly appreciated.

If someone has successfully created modules for these in Pocket versions that they would be willing to upload, I would be most grateful.



When Critics Ask

Unable to get this module, When Critics Ask, to download. Tried both 2009 and 2010 editions. Any suggestions appreciated.

Where and How can i add or change book abbreviations

Thank God for His word and the E-sword program. I would like to make some shorter abbreviations, that of rm for Romans, 1pt and 2pt for 1+2 Peter and rv for Revelation, rather than rom, 1pet and rev, and would like to know if i can do that. I am not a programmer. Thanks

e-Sword Site not to be found!


I bought myself a Dell Axim X5 Pocket Pc WM 2003 as a belated BD gift to myself.

Then I found that I could get the same e-sword that I love on my desktop for my new toy.
I thought God was really providing!


No matter from where or how I try to go to the site to get the download.... all I get is "This Page Cannot Be Found"!

So....where do I go to get the download........for this amazing gift that i now found out isn't even made anymore or I having a great run of luck or what!?!? LOL

Ty for any and all help!

God Bless and Keep You and Yours

Problem Reading e-Sword Files With T3

I'm having a problem with the ToolTip Tool. I can't read any of the e-Sword files. Nothing ever shows up in the document window. :-(

German Translations of the Bible

Other than the German Translations listed on the E-Sword Website (

German Elberfelder Bible
German Luther Bible
German Neue Evangelistische Übertragung
German Schlachter Bible
German Schlachter Bible 2000

Are there any others available I.e. The Good News Bible in German or the NIV in German or the NLT in German?

Many thnaks



How do you change your Avatar? I can't find any way to change it.


is there a way of down-loading all or more than one of these topics from this site at a time?



I'm going crazy

First of all let me thank all of you who have graciously given your time to help a helpless blogger to make a paper available to others. Thank you Dr. Dave, DSaw. and BobbyV for all your help. I have been trying everything in my limited abilities to get this paper out. I sent it to Dave but he couldn't open it. I tried to create an upload, but the format was a problem. I tried to use another blogging site as a way to access, but I've had nothing but problems getting my account started.(NOT MY FAULT) I was trying I also downloaded the tooltip tool, but it is waaaay beond me.  read more...